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A simple sketch with simple shading.
Flat Coloured Sketch
A simple sketch with flat colouring. Shading not included.
Cartoon / Chibi
A cartoon or chibi digital drawing. Shading included. 
Simple Lineless
A small, simple lineless digital drawing. Shading included.
Detailed Lineless
A large, detailed lineless digital drawing. Shading included. 


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13 Things about myself

1. I love animals. I'm the kinda person who'll happily run marathons so long as there's a puppy waiting to be pet at the finish line. I'm your neighbourhood crazy-cat-lady, all the stray cats know to come to my place for some fresh fish or temporary shelter. 

2. Keeping with the animal theme, when I wasn't going crazy over dinosaurs, I was horse riding. Riding up mountains, riding along beeches, riding through forests, horse riding was a passion of mine, I was pretty good at jumping. I've taken (and am still on) a hiatus from horse riding after two bad falls (from the same rowdy mare) left my back and hips kinda messed up. 

3. Dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. I've already gone over my favourites, but yeah, I'm obviously a dinosaur nerd.

4. I'm also a gaming nerd. I'm always up to date on anything gaming related, be it console or PC master race or whatever. With the exceptions of beat-em-up's, COD style fps' or purposely rage-y games (e.g Dark Souls, Golf With Friends etc.) I'm willing to give any game a try :D

5. Aaand taking a turn towards the slightly dark, I have pretty major depression (which has been diagnosed by several therapists). I've been depressed since I was around 8, I'm not really sure why but, yeah. I used to have pretty bad anxiety, but over the past couple of years I'm slowly becoming less anxious, just forcing myself into more and more uncomfortable situations. 

6. I love anime. I've had less time for it lately, but I grew up with shows and films like Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Wolfs Rain, Spirited Away and Ponyo. 

7. I can not sing for the life of me, I sound like a dying pre-pubescent walrus. 

8. Story to how I started drawing: As a child (4-5-ish?), I loved watching my dad draw but I didn't like his drawings. I told him once "I don't like the way you draw" so he told me "well, how about you start drawing?". I don't know if he was upset or if he was actually suggesting it, but either way, I picked up a pencil that night and got to work. 

9. Speaking of childhood, I can remember pretty far back. I remember what my 3rd birthday cake looked like, as well as the weeks leading up to my 3rd birthday.

10. Secretly, I've always wanted to be a baker. I mean, I can't actually bake to save my life, but I'd love to be in a career where I can either bake or decorate cakes. 

11. When ever I become a fan of something (videogame, TV show, film, Youtuber etc.) the first thing I do is look up fanfiction for it. You can learn a lot about something or someones fan base on the types of fan fiction that exist. 

12. I'm a casual drinker of alcohol, but I don't smoke nor take drugs of any kind.

13. I'm usually the go-to-guy for my friends if they just wanna rant, get stuff off their chest of just talk.

:iconxiaolindinomaster:'s Questions:

1. Do you have a favorite dinosaur?
Pretty obvious - Irritator :P 

2. Which of Ash's friends is/are your favorite?
Uhhhhhhhh, I'm assuming you're talking about Pokemon? I never really watched it as a kid sooo..... yeeaaahhhh

3. What inspired you in doing what you do here?
Not really sure tbh. I'd known about dA for a while, though I only used to use it to read comics. I got an account when I wanted a place to store my art. 

4. Where is your favorite place to go to for vacation?
Bruges, Belgium. Great people, great atmosphere, great food. There's a small bar I always go to with my family there, the owner there just knows me as the "surprise guy", since whenever I go there I just ask for a random local beer.

5. Who is your favorite voice actor?
Hmmm... Either Nolan North or Troy Baker. 

6. Who is your favorite live actor?
Uhhhhhh I don't really have one. 

7. What is your biggest goal in life?
Not to be a failure. 

8. What is your favorite Anime theme song?
I've a few:
- Wolfs Rain (Stray)
- Attack On Titan (Guren No Yumiya)
- Code Geass (COLORS)
- Noragami (Hello Sleepwalkers)
- Zankyou No Terror (Trigger)

9. Are you a fan of Xiaolin Showdown?
I remember watching a few episodes as a kid, but not nearly enough to consider myself a fan.

10. What's your favorite Pokémon season?

11. You wanna skip or write something random? LOL
Instead of writing something random, I'll leave here some texts I've sent to my sister over the past couple of months:
The soy sauce WAS an accident"

"Trachea = Asparagus"

Hi. Friendly reminder not to punch the shit outta bread. Thanks"

"Please keep your feet away from my cola. Thanks"

12. What is you favorite fandom?
The Ico / Shadow of the Colossus / The Last Guardian fandom(s)

13. What is your Favorite Pokémon Fan fiction?
Never read any

My questions for other people:

1. Do you collect anything? 

2. Do you play / care about videogames? If so, what's your favourite game?

3. What are your favourite and least favourite animals and why?

4. What are your favourite and least favourite foods and why?

5. Is there a show / game / film / band / youtuber / celebrity etc. that you love but everyone else seems to hate?

6. How do you relieve stress?

7. If you could pick any song to be your theme song, what song would you pick?

8. Where in the world would you like to visit most?

9. Have you ever tried your hand at animating? Are you good at it?

10. In the creepiest way possible, describe the item to your left. 

11. What is your dream job? Are you doing it now? If not, are you taking steps towards it? 

12. Do you have any weird fears or phobias?

13. What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

I don't have the required 13 friends, so I'll just tag as many as I can + some watchers |'D


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